Friday, March 12, 2010

Butter Me Up

For nearly every day of the week, the 6pm hour is completely ordinary.  Its a gateway to the usual tasks of a pedestrian weeknight evening; its a threshold that leads you only to laundry, cleaning, class work or maybe a few of your favorite shows.  (Well, from time to time, we all throw a night out on the town in there.) 

But the 6pm hour on Friday is different.  6pm on Friday is a high-speed on-ramp to over 60 hours of complete freedom. Each and every week, somewhere in this exact time frame, my expectations for the weekend take root.  A few ideas germinate, and by the time 7pm rolls around, activity has already begun to blossom.  
I've got some Tall Orders for this weekend.  As I drove home after work, my first thought was, "Do I have enough butter to get through the weekend?"   Don't let that be cause for concern;  I harbor no secret food fetishes.  Rather, I've got biscotti, cookies and maybe even some fresh pasta on my agenda for the weekend.  I've also got a Tall Order for a long run on Saturday.  And a long nap following my long run.  But first comes a night out on the town Friday night, and the opportunity to sleep in the next morning.

The 60 minutes from 6 to 7pm on Friday are my favorite part of the weekend. They're a Tall Order all their own, where the potential of the weekend itself eclipses the sum of all of the activities I'll undertake.  

Have you got a Tall Order for the weekend?  I'll let you know how mine turn out....

ps- don't use margarine in your baking.  go for the real thing.

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