Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun with Road Signs

"Send a real live singing Cupid to your true love."    
As I left downtown Birmingham and drove through the edgier areas north of the city, this sign caught my eye. Most of it was misspelled, but the message was truly notable in its sheer simplicity and boundless promise. 

The sign was white posterboard; the kind that you'd buy only for really, really important school projects or book reports.  How long could this posterboard really survive the elements? Black marker hashed the offer haphazardly across the page, and it was decidedly clear that it was an old marker. The first few words started strong and dark black, but by the end the letters became almost whispers.  Each line was written with complete care, but ultimately fell short on planning.  The last word on each line was scrunched into a space only half of what was really needed.  
Flimsy posterboard, dried up marker, and an offer you could hardly refuse. A real, live, singing Cupid. 

Who is this Cupid? Someone old or young?  A resourceful and entrepreneurial thinker or a practical jokster?  Given the part of town the sign was in, I'd be sure to give Cupid a great tip, lest he draw back his bow.  What would Cupid wear these days?  Adult-sized huggies and a crossbow?  Can I choose what he sings to my true love?

I love the infinite possibilities wrapped up in this real, live singing Cupid.  Don't you?

A favorite oldies song.....

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  1. I love this post-it is impressive how your description of a flimsy sign can sound so eloquent. :)