Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Go-Giver's Law of Receptivity: The Final Law in the Go-Giver Series

"The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving."

Wrapped into the final Go-Giver Law is an assurance that the effort put into giving will-and should- translate into an opportunity to receive.  It is OK to receive benefit from others since that receiving is the result of another's effort to be giving.   After all, we're all in this together on some level, aren't we?

Receptivity requires both diligence and faith that others will come through for you.  Sometimes that faith is affirmed, and sometimes its not.  In my role in outside sales, I've been stood up a fair number of times by prospects.  In fact it even happened this week.  Sure, there was a minor annoyance that my time wasn't being used effectively.  I just had to remind myself that scheduling conflicts and forgotten appointments happen. 

For me, The Law of Receptivity is about maintaining a positive attitude and marching into the next meeting open to a new opportunity;  not stewing over the last missed meeting.  This week, The Law of Receptivity paid off.  There's a spark in the air when you have a great meeting with a new contact and ideas start flowing freely.  The energy is almost palpable, and an hour passes in what seems like minutes.

On Friday I met with a wonderful woman from a university and the partnership opportunities for our organizations were spot on.   We both left the meeting super-charged with optimism and excitement for our upcoming work together.    But that meeting went well because I cast off the disappointment of earlier days and came to the table with an open mind, ready to receive.

Yes, I'll reschedule that missed appointment.  I'm sure it will work out just fine.

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