Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Victim of the Laws of Physics

Sir Isaac Newton had it easy... of course what goes up must come down. You could say the same of Benjamin Franklin and his shocking discovery of electric currents.  And these cursory mentions of major discoveries wouldn't be complete without Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity.   Sometimes the most fundamental laws of nature are the most obvious ones.  

But, at this point I'm plagued by another law of physics...the law of interia.  Inertia is the notion that objects in motion will tend to stay in motion....and objects at rest will tend to stay at rest.  Unless said object is acted upon by an outside interfering force, the path upon which the object... or person... treads will remain the same.   A friend of ours once suggested the possibility of "Relationship Inertia,"  a type of dating limbo where the no one's boat gets rocked by any sort of current...emotional, physical or intellectual.  The path is set, and without an outside force, will not change or develop.   Do you think she stayed with that guy for very long?  I think she exerted a force of her own on that relationship.

But, to be fair to Inertia, to dwell on its ability to keep objects in a state of rest would be unfair.  You've got to acknowlege its powerful force and ability to grant momentum & progress as well.  I'm working on turning the tables on inertia and making it work in my favor.  A lot of this is having the courage to turn off the TV and go do something instead!  Putting my thoughts on paper, working a confection or baking project, reading, writing a business plan...something to catapult me over this quarter-life crisis where I feel like inertia is getting the best of me.  

So, here's Step One.   I'd like to share with you a weekly memo entry from the Wizard of Ads.  The Wizard is Roy Williams, noted marketing & advertising consultant, author, creative mind, small business coach and modern day philospher.   I have followed him more and more recently.

The Wizard wants you to learn about the power of the elbs.   Elbs are exponential little bits. Its the power of the elbs that's going to help me turn inertia and all of the laws of physics in my favor (ok, so I still trip alot, but grace and poise are another issue).  As The Wizard says...
"When daily progress meets with daily progress, it doesn't add;  it multiplies."
   I think the elbs apply to everything.... nutrition, exercise, work ethic, procrastination, and kindness to others.    So, go click on this brief read about the power of the elbs. 

What little bit are you going to make happen today?



  2. I like that idea of the elbs. I'm going to write that quote down and keep it near my desk.

  3. I was just using inertia last week as my excuse to myself as to why I ate 5 brownies in one sitting. This philosophy also applies to chips, kit-kats, ice cream and cupcakes, which is why I have none of them in my apartment. Luckily it also applies to running and working out to balance everything out...

    Love the blog!